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INTECH Insurance Surveyors and Loss Assessors Pvt Ltd is a INDIA’s leading and most preferrable Insurance Surveyors and Loss assessors and surveyors with its presence PAN INDIA.
About 30 years standing in the industry with proven track record by providing a wide gamut of loss adjusting and claims management services across various disciplines.
INTECH evolves from its core values, professionalism constant enrichment of knowledge owning the claim and be part of solution in any given challenge/ situation.
INTECH always put to use avant-garde strategies in order to ensure that it always do the best for the clients, and of course, in compliance with the ever-increasing demands of the market.
The team adopted a more flexible and goal-oriented approach to claim surveying losses, claims management, as required to comply with the standards in the industry.
INTECH forte lies in providing more reliable, fast-track, unequivocal and innovative services, putting to use advanced technology and with more focus on client communication, responsiveness and tangible outcomes


    • INTECH altogether a different surveyor company by its Core Values, Core Philosophy with Strategical approach. INTECH promise and practice highest standards of professional integrity, honesty and trust worthy while handling the claims, intermediaries, clients and relationships.
    • Since 1994 in practice with highest reputation and exposure to handle all kinds of claims including CAR, EAR, FIRE, MBD, Marine, EEI, MISC, Liability and MOTOR and Risk inspections, Property Valuations and Pre dispatch Inspections
    • INTECH is known to be a NAT CAT specialist handling high volumes proved in Hudhud, Chennai Floods, Kerala Floods, Fani Cyclone, Amphan Cyclone, Hyderabad floods, Yass Cyclone, Kolhapur floods and so on.
    • INTECH adopted a philosophy of continuous training to cope with the changes in the insurance industry, technology and believing the principle of “sharpen the saw” by updating knowledge and brush up the basics.
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Core Philosophy

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Providing high level of professional services in the area of Insurance Claims Survey and Loss Assessment, Claim Investigations, Property Valuations, Property Risk Inspections with a clear vision to be synonymous with professionalism & team work and maintain high level of integrity, transparency, trustworthiness and confidentiality.

Core Values:

  • Zero Tolerance on Integrity.
  • Pragmatic Approach in handling claims.
  • Unique Culture.
  • Constant Improvement.
  • Transparency.
  • High Level of Professionalism.
  • Responsibility.
  • Work in Legal Frame.
  • Creating Leaders.
  • Work with passion and joy.
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A Team Of Experts



Sowjanya Kumar

Managing Director




Executive Director

B.Tech, FIII,MBA, MSc Rev

Meet Our Team

Sr. No Name Location
1 Satish Sabhajeet Mishra Central Zonal Head
2 Gaurav Bansal North Zonal Head
3 Om Prakash Jena East Zonal Head
4 SP Vallikkannu South Zonal Head
Sr. No Name Location
1 Satish Sabhajeet Mishra Madhya Pradesh
2 K. Balasubramanyam Karnataka
3 Gaurav Bansal Delhi
4 Om Prakash Jena West Bengal
5 SP Vallikkannu Tamilnadu
6 Subhendu Kumar Sabat Orissa
7 Varuna Kumar S Karnataka
8 Jithu Prabha T Cochin

Our Clients

Mission & Vision

  • To become largest insurance loss adjusting company in India and continue to remain as most preferrable surveyors and loss assessors to all the stake holders.
  • To operate the company as per IRDAI regulations and Code of Conduct.
  • To Issue superior quality survey reports within TAT parameters.
  • To generate Insurance Professionals.
  • To maintain high level of dignity, professional integrity, valuing all the stake holders, reliability, sustainability, trustworthiness & confidentiality.
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